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Events​​ ​​

  1. Free Loving Kindness Family Yoga Class

Sunday February 11th 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Come celebrate St. Valentine's Day by spending time with the people you love and learning about the practice of loving-kindness through fun, creative activities for the whole family. 

Yoga class runs from 3:30-4:15 for all ages! Families are led through activities that promote five elements of yoga and mindfulness - connection, breath, movement, focus, and relaxation. Through use of creative story-telling, music, props, art, and games, families learn skills they can use in their daily lives. Most importantly, family classes focus on connection to each other through fun activities and the joy of being together. 

Snacks and beverages will be provided. 

​     Writing Workshops with Kristen Fogle

Free Adult Writing and Creativity Class
All Levels Encouraged!
                   Unblock Your Creativity with Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 from 3:30-5pm (Free!)

Have you always wanted to take The Artist’s Way with a group but didn’t have twelve weeks to commit? Heard about people having success using the book but didn’t quite know what it was about?
If you’re interested in living a more creative lifestyle, this engaging session will go over the tools from the book and engage you in exercises designed to get you unblocked, inspired, and goal oriented. You’ll also leave with a creative accountability cluster of your very own!

No reading of the book required to participate. Please bring a journal or notebook to write in. 

   Gratitude and Writing: A Generative Workshop 
     Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 from 3:30-5pm (Free!)

 What fills you up during the month of love? We will take our time to dig in, remembering moments, people, places, and write to several spirited prompts designed to make our gratitude grow. Next, we will create gratitude boxes to further remind ourselves of those things we cherish. End the day feeling uplifted, fulfilled, and most of all, grateful. (Feel free to bring photos and items to share that will further this feeling!)

“                        The Artist’s Way: Seven Weeks to Creative Recovery

                        Saturday’s, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
                                  April 7, 21, 2018 
                                  No class April 14
                                   Class fee: $185

Have you been trying to muster up the energy to complete your creative project for a while now? Are you recently retired, perhaps, and looking to get back into that artistic hobby you always loved before LIFE took over? Or maybe you work in an artistic field, always on other people’s projects…just never your own?
This powerful, condensed seven-week course is for novices and working artists of all types, including writers, visual artists, actors, dancers, musicians…ANYONE who recognizes their innate creativity!

In a supportive and safe setting we will:
    *     work through the chapters and exercises in The Artist’s Way
    *      take a look “behind the scenes”–those people, places, things in both our past and present that keep us from plunging                 forward with our art
    *      play with activities such as yoga, drawing, painting, collaging, photo, improv, etc., both for fun sake and to expand our horizons
    *     hold ourselves accountable to daily/weekly creative practices and (at least!) one project each that we will share at the last class
     *    discover new processes to make us more pro-active and productive
     *     re-discover joy, in little things, in one another, and in our day to day lives.

Bring a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (many available at the local libraries) and a 9″ x 11” unlined sketchbook, which you will collage at our first meeting. No previous arts experience required.

To register for all courses, please email Kristen at with the subject “Oceanside Writing Workshops.”

About the instructor

Kristen Fogle is the Executive Director of San Diego Writers, Ink. She is a freelance editor, writer, instructor, tutor, teaching artist, and theatrical performer/director. She earned a BA in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge and a MA in Rhetoric and Writing Studies (teaching emphasis) from San Diego State University. She has a Teaching Artist training certification from Young Audiences San Diego and certificates in Non-Profit Management and Restorative Yoga. She was recently recognized as a Woman Who Impacts San Diego by San Diego Metro Magazine, a Woman of the Year nominee by San Diego Magazine, and Rising Arts Leaders’ Person of the Year. She loves guiding people toward “creative recovery” in both longer and shorter term Artist’s Way groups.
Birthday Parties!
We offer Yoga & Music Birthday Parties at the studio or onsite at your venue! 
*1 hour - 2 hour length depending on type/location of party
*Full of fun yoga activities, singing, dance, a craft, and musical instruments (depending on age)
​*Ask about party rates